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Alignment Special at Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga

Vehicle Alignment - can't everyone do that?

Not really - let's compare Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga to other alignment providers:

Yes Yes Alignment machine.
Yes Yes Alignment rack.
No Yes General alignment specs for most Mercedes-Benz models.
Yes No Specific alignment specifications for each and every Mercedes-Benz year & model.
Yes No Mercedes-Benz engineered Hunter Alignment System.
Yes No Technicians Factory trained, Certified, and experienced in Mercedes alignment procedures.
Yes No Technicians Factory trained, Certified, and experienced in Mercedes suspension work.
Yes No Mercedes Romess gauge system for critical ride height measurement.
Yes No Mercedes-Benz specific specialty alignment tools.
Yes No Mercedes specific diagnostic / calibration equipment.

Did you know that Mercedes models with Airmatic air suspension and Active Body Control (ABC hydraulic suspension) must have their front and rear ride heights checked and calibrated to do a proper alignment? That self leveling headlamps and Distronic (radar) cruise control must be checked and calibrated during an alignment on vehicles equipped with these features? That Caster and Camber adjustments are accomplished by installing special adjustment bolt kits? That none of these operations can be accomplished without the special tools, equipment and Mercedes experienced Certified Technicians?

If all that is news to you, do not feel bad - most of the Alignment providers out there don't know it either, but it's not their fault. They do not have the training, tools, equipment and experience specific to your Mercedes-Benz. It only takes one pothole or curb to change your alignment settings; this can cause premature tire wear and poor handling. When it's time for an Alignment remember - all Alignments are not created equal, and no one can perform an Alignment to Mercedes Standards like we can here at Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga.