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Mercedes-Benz EQ - Chattanooga TN

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Vehicle Overview

Throughout its lengthy history, Mercedes-Benz has rightfully developed and upheld a tradition of innovation. One of the reasons why this brand remains a true leader in the auto industry is because it stands at the forefront of evolution. While many brands now have hybrid and electric models, Mercedes-Benz EQ uses next-generation tech to take our drivers’ experiences behind the wheel to a higher level.

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What Is EQ

Mercedes-Benz EQ is a special badge that current and future electric and semi-electric vehicles carry. The badge signifies that the vehicle has the luxurious style and modern features that today’s drivers expect from a Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, superior engineering under the hood ensures that these vehicles deliver exceptional performance while either sipping on fuel or running entirely on electric power.

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The EQ Family

When you contact Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga soon, you will have the exciting opportunity to explore today’s models that are loaded with electric intelligence technology. You will notice three specific badges, and these are EQ, EQ Power and EQ Power+. EQ vehicles are those that run entirely off of electric power. EQ Power models utilize a hybrid design that pairs a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor. The EQ Power+ badge is reserved from our high-performance Mercedes-AMG® line. Vehicles that have this badge have high-performance hybrid engines.

Chattanooga TN - Mercedes-Benz EQ's Interior

The Exciting Advantages of Electric Intelligence

By choosing to drive a new Mercedes-Benz with the EQ badge, you are deciding to enjoy the exceptional engineering of our vehicles with advanced electric intelligence. In addition to having superior performance capabilities, the EQ models are designed with the exceptional style that you expect from a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Plus, every Mercedes-Benz model on the market today is well-equipped with luxurious materials and a thoughtful selection of premium features. If you contact Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga soon, you can explore our current line of vehicles with the EQ badge in person and through behind-the-wheel experiences.

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A Convenient Ownership Experience

Are you wondering if owning and driving an all-electric or hybrid vehicle would be inconvenient? The reality is that there are thousands of electric charging stations across the country, and this number continues to grow. You can conveniently research the public charging stations near you at In addition to using public charging stations for plug-in hybrid and all-electric Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you can charge your vehicle at home using a standard power outlet. You can also use a Level 2 charger for a faster charging experience. More than that, the ingenuity of today’s Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles extends to their rapid charging capabilities. The capabilities vary by vehicle, but you can generally expect your new Mercedes-Benz to be fully charged within a couple of hours or less.

Current and Future Models

The line of current Mercedes-Benz vehicles that carry an EQ badge continues to grow. Whether you are interested in learning about the capabilities and features in today’s EQ vehicles or you want to get the latest details on future EQ models, you can conveniently contact Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga today. Our courteous and knowledgeable sales associates will happily assist with your exploration of our models. We will do what it takes to help you make a well-informed vehicle selection with the highest degree of confidence.

Contact Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga

Are you eager to take home an electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid that is loaded with advanced technologies and desired luxuries? You will love the selection of EQ-badged vehicles in today’s inventory at our dealership. With many current models to explore and to choose from, there could be a perfect EQ vehicle for you. Our inventory remains consistently outfitted with an incredible selection of possibilities for you to check out in person. When you are ready to continue your research, we invite you to contact Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga soon to appreciate the luxuries and capabilities of our models with a test drive.