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Why Mercedes-Benz vs Acura

Why Mercedes-Benz vs AcuraEuropean images shown View Inventory

Why Mercedes-Benz vs Acura

Selecting the ideal luxury SUV or car requires a detailed look at the top options available to drivers in Chattanooga Tennessee today. You understandably have specific functional needs for your next vehicle, such as a minimum amount of space for cargo and passenger seating. However, you also want your next luxury vehicle to impress you with premium features and exceptional engineering. You can easily eliminate some brands from consideration when you focus on these important elements. However, you now must carefully review the models from Mercedes-Benz vs Acura before you can pick out the exact car or SUV that you are excited to drive home.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz A35European images shown

Extensive Possibilities

Whether you are in the market for a performance-driven coupe, a loaded sedan or a spacious SUV, you do not want to feel restrained by limited possibilities. The Acura line holds beautiful models for you to check out, but its line carries far fewer options for you to check out than the alternative. In the Mercedes-Benz line, you can find numerous smaller and larger SUVs, coupes, wagons, convertibles and others. Across many of these models, you can choose between various gas-powered and hybrid engines. The line even has a few all-electric models for you to get familiar with. The variations across the many models continue with beautiful differences in available features, options and materials.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-450

Exciting Capabilities

The Acura line is known for its performance capabilities. Each current model in the lineup has athletic design elements, and the promises made by these features are fully supported by their actual abilities. However, the options at Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga are also impressively engineered and will not leave you disappointed. Every model in today’s line has the power, agility and overall smoothness that you expect from a modern luxury vehicle. Notably, two specialty lines are available that elevate performance and luxury to new levels. One of these is the AMG® line, which includes performance branding and enhancements to the mechanical and powertrain features. The other option is the Maybach line, which boosts luxury and performance alike in stunning ways. You will be able to test drive standard models as well as AMG® and Maybach vehicles during your visit to Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB

Advanced Features

Your experience on the road in your new luxury SUV or car is dependent on the vehicle’s features as well as its capabilities. When you compare the equipment included in Mercedes-Benz vs Acura models, you can appreciate numerous shared features. These include everything from power-adjusting and heated seats to high-level leather material, a quality audio system and smart device technologies. The AMG® and Maybach variants include branded features and high-level equipment that you may not find in brands from other manufacturers. For example, the Maybach line may have reclining seats in the second row.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS

Assistive Safety Equipment

Today’s drivers in Chattanooga Tennessee maintain high standards for all aspects of their vehicles, and this extends to the advanced safety features. As you get familiar with current options available from leading luxury brands, you need to know how the safety features compare between the Mercedes-Benz vs Acura models. You can expect to feel well-protected in any model that you choose from these brands. They all include expected features like child LATCH equipment, fob accessibility, airbags and more. The first brand, however, also has premium safety features like blind spot detection, PRESAFE®, PRESAFE® Sound, night vision detection, auto emergency braking and several other features.

Why Shop at Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga

While some of the other luxury brands that you may be looking at today have modest variation in their lines and inventories, this is not the case at our Chattanooga-area dealership. Our huge inventory holds smaller and larger luxury vehicles that are available in a wide range of prices. Whether your hot button is passenger seating, luxurious features or performance, you can easily find many beautiful possibilities in our inventory. With our team’s focus on friendly customer service and overall quality, you will have an amazing experience each time you request assistance from us.

Our Mercedes-Benz dealership is the place to go for a closer look at leading models on the market today. Our sales associates in Chattanooga Tennessee will not rest until you have found an incredible vehicle that you are thrilled to take home. After you check out our online inventory, connect with our sales reps for personalized assistance with your continued model research.