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Why Mercedes-Benz vs Audi

Why Mercedes-Benz vs Audi View Inventory

Why Mercedes-Benz vs Audi

Which luxury car or SUV will you select for your next purchase in Chattanooga Tennessee? Automotive excellence is commonly associated with German engineering, so your attention may be focused on two leading automakers from Germany that each have more than a century of experience impressing drivers. As you walk through your detailed comparison of the Mercedes-Benz vs Audi lines, you will undoubtedly discover significant differences between these brands and their vehicles across many important areas. Which of these brands should you focus your attention on?

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC 300

Exceptional Variety

Your initial review of these luxury brands takes you directly to their excellent range of models. Both lines show off luxurious models from a wide range of body styles and across many price points. This means that both brands offer plenty of possibilities that may be suitable for most luxury car shoppers. However, the Mercedes-Benz line has special variants available for select models. These are high-performance and high-luxury trims that elevate your driving experience in truly extraordinary ways. Because of their standout features and abilities, the Maybach vehicles and the AMG®-Line options require thorough review before you can make a confident buying decision.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE

Innovative Engineering

While both of these German automakers have a solid reputation for quality, the first automaker is well-known for its impact on the development of the auto industry. This dates back to its earliest days, such as when Karl Benz innovated the first combustion engine used in a motor vehicle. This is only one of several notable contributions that have been linked to the brand across the decades. Before you narrow down your focus to models from a specific brand, experience the refined advancement of German engineering on display when you stop by Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga today. During your visit, you can appreciate the exceptional performance capabilities of today’s models through a few test drives.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Impressive Technologies and Features

Your review of these brands will take you to the features and design elements throughout their models’ interiors and exteriors. Many of the features in these models are comparable, such as a wireless hotspot, a wireless charging station, heated seats with leather material, smart device integration and more. However, the Mercedes-Benz vehicles add a few extras that you will not find in the Audi line, such as a 64-color ambient lighting system. This line is also available with the high-end Maybach and AMG®-Line trims. Each model that carries one of these names is truly at the top of the automotive spectrum with its design elements and abilities. On the other hand, the Audi line does not offer comparable specialty lines.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA-45European images shown

Protective Features

You want to feel as secure and as confident as possible while driving in Chattanooga Tennessee and beyond, and this is strongly linked to the assistive and advanced safety technologies that the brands’ models are equipped with. You can expect both brands to have comparable standard features like airbags, traction control, child safety door locks and other expected features. Your comparison of Mercedes-Benz vs Audi models will uncover several additional features that are in most or all of the former brand's current models. These include blind spot detection, PRESAFE®, PRESAFE® Sound, night view assistant and several additional features.

Your Preferred Auto Dealership in Chattanooga Tennessee

Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga is only one of several premium auto dealerships serving drivers in the local community, and we are honored to be the dealership that so many local drivers trust. We always do our part to meet our customers’ needs. This begins with our focus on customer service, and it extends to the full support we provide as our customers compare models, trims and options. If you have your eye on a new luxury crossover or car, we encourage you to connect with us soon to get more familiar with the beautiful options available in today's inventory.

If you want to take advantage of German automotive excellence in your next vehicle, your attention must focus directly on a comparison of the Mercedes-Benz vs Audi models and trims. While these are both well-established luxury brands that are based in Germany, they have undeniable and important differences that will make one option clearly preferable to you over the other. When you are ready to become more familiar with our inventory at Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga, simply drop by our trusted dealership for an in-person review and to take a few of your preferred models out for a drive.