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Why Mercedes-Benz vs BMW in Chattanooga TN

Why Mercedes-Benz vs BMW in Chattanooga TN View Inventory

Why Mercedes-Benz vs BMW in Chattanooga TN

When car or SUV shoppers in Chattanooga Tennessee and surrounding areas are in the market for a new luxury vehicle, the natural decision is between Mercedes-Benz and BMW models. These premier brands have both been producing exciting models that have impressed drivers and passengers for decades with their performance capabilities and modern features. They also carry both smaller and larger models with gorgeous designs, so there are likely a few models from each brand that could appeal to you today. While these brands are commonly viewed as comparable, the reality is that they have stark differences that you need to be aware of before you pick out your next vehicle. Are you ready to get more familiar with the BMW and Mercedes-Benz models?

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz A220

Many Beautiful Models to Choose From

As you begin your review of Mercedes-Benz vs BMW, you should begin with a broad overview of their models. While both brands have numerous models and trims to explore in detail, you may appreciate the fact that the first brand has numerous customization options for each model and trim level. You understandably want your next luxury vehicle to be tailored to your specifications. With a lack of customization options available, you may feel as though you are settling for a vehicle that is not exactly right for you. When you visit Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga soon, you will have the exciting opportunity to browse through our huge inventory of luxury vehicles and to learn about all of the packages and options available for the models that appeal to you.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA-35European images shown

Exceptional German Engineering

German automotive engineering is well-known for its overall excellence, and this reputation is due in large part to the performance capabilities of models from both of these elite brands. For German engineering at its best, however, you want to look at the Mercedes-AMG® line. These are performance-tuned versions of top models that deliver improved horsepower ratings, faster acceleration and overall superior handing. More than that, they have special Mercedes-AMG® branding that makes them immediately distinguishable to others as you drive down the road. Our sales associates in Chattanooga Tennessee are thrilled to help you compare our standard models and the AMG®-branded models through a few test drives. This is the perfect way for you to experience the differences for yourself.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB

Exciting Technologies and Features

Your continued research on the Mercedes-Benz vs BMW models will take you to their technologies and features. You may be thrilled to discover that these luxury brands both have premium materials and finishes across all models and trim levels. Their technologies and features become progressively advanced as your attention moves up their lines. The Mercedes-Benz models may come with equipment like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a heads-up display screen, a wireless internet hotspot, SiriusXM satellite radio and other equipment. You can also appreciate special features like 64 color choices for the ambient lighting system, massaging seats, memory functions and more. Because the features vary significantly across both model lineups, a close review of the models that you are interested in is in order.

Chattanooga TN - 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE

Premium Safety Features

Safety is always at the top of drivers’ minds in Chattanooga Tennessee, and the good news is that both brands rise to impress you with their own combination of assistive safety features. For example, our models are outfitted with equipment like PRESAFE®, PRESAFE® Sound, blind spot monitoring, night view assist and more. Models from both brands are equipped with a full line of expected active and passive safety features. These include everything from an advanced airbag system to anti-locking brakes and more.

Why Buy From Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga

At our trusted dealership, we want each of our customers to feel confident about their luxury vehicle selection. We always support each customer fully with their research and model comparison, and we are happy to demonstrate standard and optional features upon request. More than that, we always keep a well-stocked inventory filled with a diverse range of possibilities for our customers to check out.

Are you ready to finalize your comparison of these two brands? Reach out to our associates at Mercedes-Benz of Long of Chattanooga today to get more details about our beautiful models and to make arrangements to experience their abilities in person with a test drive.